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Committed to providing users with more secure and stable crypto asset derivatives trading services

Why Choose Us?


The trading interface is most user-friendly and fast with clear and convenient operation, and micro-second core memory matching technology.

Anti-risk Price Mechanism

The multi-source index integrated algorithm effectively avoids user risks and losses caused by significant market fluctuations.


Multiple offline signatures, microsecond judgement, deep cold storage of assets, bank-level security risk control, comprehensive escort for the safety of users' funds.

Top Technical Team

Composed of blockchain experts, we provides strong support for the development of the platform and a better experience for users.

Stepped Reduction Mechanism

The user's transaction risk control mechanism is reasonably triggered to protect the user's property every second.

24/7 Customer Service

The 24/7 customer service makes sure each user`s problems are taken care of.

Platform Function

Infinity Mode
The Infinity mode is a special contract trading rules first launched by the QSQ team for network's contract players. Its operation process is the same as that of the real contract. The profit obtained from opening a position can be transferred to the contract account for further opening or being directly withdrawn. Obtain methods include: real-time refund of handling fees, airdrops, mission completion, etc.

Why we an is the most friendly contract platform

Better compliance
Coconut has now obtained the US & Canada dual-country MSB license, and the compliance operation guarantees you.
Novice is more friendly
10S extremely fast registration, OTC quick deposit; Lightning contract can open positions with one click, no pressure to get started
Larger amount is more convenient
A minimum 10% maintenance margin rate is required, realizing that large funds can be opened with high leverage
Richer benefits
Recharge transaction invitations have benefits, and millions of USDT rewards are waiting for you at any time
QSQ obtains the MSB financial license
Compliance operation, globalization plan
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